Marketing by Louis Tharp

TGI Healthworks


Louis Tharp is the Executive Director of TGI Healthworks. Since 1999, TGI Healthworks has been exclusively focused on national grassroots programs within the healthcare discipline that are designed to build and sustain communities of people with chronic diseases. Community-based and on-line events are the primary communications vehicles supplemented with a demographically customized meeting-in-a-box overlay. Patient, caregiver, physician, advocacy, and elected official outreach components are tied to hard and soft metrics that include prescribing habits tracking, as well as net promoter scores, online conversation sentiment, blog viral and velocity measurements, and traditional attitude measurements.

Our programs are customized to the disease state, the market and the product, and include OTC, DTC and device indications.

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Clay Marketing & Public Relations


Clay Marketing is a global advertising, public relations, marketing, and promotional merchandise agency headquartered in Upper Nyack, New York, and specializing in maritime clients. Founder Louis Tharp has created an agency of creative technicians, strategic thinkers, and tactic implementors who bring professional and educational credentials as well as extensive experience in the maritime business.

Founded in 1983 by people who think, then act, rather than the other way around, Tharp knows that communicating with diverse markets and market niches within the global maritime industry is a fluid art. Reactions to the world surrounding a product and its customers are continuously played against individual end goals, products, and market share.

Clay Markeitng, under the direction of Louis Tharp, helps clients take ownership of a set of words that seduce as well as differentiate. In this environment, we are not operating in a monetary economy. The currency here is attention span. And the expert maritime conversation dominates.